Work Hard, make fun!

How often do you engage in your workout?  You do the same training sessions over and over again.  Sure, you work hard, but the intensity seems to fade with each repetition. And if you push yourself too hard you might get injured. But there is a one important thing you should know about. Intense training can be fun!

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as pushing yourself to your limits and learning that you’re able to go further than you ever thought possible so why not make it fun? To make our training session more fun is very important that we can do to maintain inspiration even after the training ends.

You feel powerful and able to accomplish just about anything you set your mind to. An intense and fun training program teaches you where your limits are and helps you push through them and you still enjoy it. An intense workout doesn’t just mean challenging your body to perform better. It also means challenging your mind. When you’re engaged in a challenging workout you’re likely asking your body to perform new exercises and movements. This requires you to rethink how you move. You’re working new muscle groups and your mind and body have to work together to optimize the movements.

So an intense workout isn’t just about working harder and repeating the same exercises with more intensity. It also means adding new exercises and movements to your training program and challenging your body to move in a different way.

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