Health Benefits of Massage

Massage is a sure way to melt down stress and to help one feel extremely good, but that is not all. Researchers have established that Massage helps in dealing with a wide range of chronic health problems which would otherwise be extremely costly to manage. Here are just some of the health benefits that you can get from regular massage.

Massage helps in reducing tensions in the muscles. This helps in overcoming various stress related issues such as fatigue, insomnia, and lack of focus. Massage also reduces the stiffness in the joints and muscles hence busting one’s mobility and flexibility. Increased flexibility and mobility ensures a health and decelerated aging process. Further, massage can help in reducing the hormones responsible for stress while increasing the levels of brain chemises like dopamine and serotonin which helps one feel good. This explains why people with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression are advised to undergo massage.

Although massage in itself may not be able to cure diseases, it can be very beneficial in reducing the effects of various chronic conditions. For instance, massage therapy can help in reducing a range of motion while decreasing the pan in people with sciatica and back pain. Further, massage has been identified as a means of decreasing stiffness, reducing high blood pressure, and improving functioning in patients suffering from arthritis. Massage also reduces the intensity of pain for individuals who are prone to tension headaches. Moreover, massage may be extremely beneficial for people suffering from post-operative pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Massage is also regarded as an alternative or complimentary medicine for a wide range of conditions including, Fibromyalgia, Sports injuries, Temporomandibular joint pain, Paresthesias and nerve pain, Digestive disorders, Anxiety, Myofascial pain syndrome, and Insomnia related to stress. Massage can therefore help in reducing the cost of medication, the pain and stress associated with different different conditions and generally improves the health of an individual. It can also help in reducing one’s predisposition to various conditions which would result in chronic health problems. However, massage is not a total replacement for the regular medication and it is advisable to have you doctor know that you are undergoing massage.

As such, beyond the enjoyable nature of massage as a caring and comforting experience, massage has a wide range of health benefits that may save you from costly and threatening disease conditions. To enjoy this healthy and refreshing experience, visit JJ-companion and have a first-hand experience from a real expert.

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