How to do self-massage

Massage is a highly enjoyable experience which is not only stress-relieving but also has a wide range of health benefits to an individual. Although massage is best done by an experience expert, it is possible to carry out self-massage and really enjoy the experience.

            To prepare for a self-massage, it is advisable to take a warm bath to help loosen your muscles and to make you ready for the actual massage. After the warm bath, dry yourself using a warm towel, probably taken from a dry. Consider removing your clothing, to ensure skin-to-skin contact to more effectiveness, although some light clothing may be acceptable where there is no adequate privacy, or where foam roller is used for the massage. You can them apply the massage oil on your body to help in heating up your body and increase the effectiveness of the massage. The massage oil can be applied by placing a drop of the oil in the palm and rubbing the hands together for about 15 seconds, until the oil is heated up.

            You can begin by massaging the neck and the shoulders. This can be done by using the left hand to stroke the left side of the neck and the left shoulder, and the right hand for stroking the right shoulder and the right side of the neck. You can also gently but firmly move your fingers in small circles, starting at the base of the skull, and moving gently towards the shoulder. You can also form your hands into a fist and rub your spine gently in circular motions. You can the play your fingers at the ear and gently move them down the jaw until both hands meet at the chin. After working out all the knots, you can hug yourself so as to stretch out your shoulder blades.

            You can also massage you abdomen as a way of reducing menstrual pains and improving your digestion. To massage you abdomen, place the surface of one of your hands on you abdomen and stroke gently in circular motion, and then use the thumb and the first finger of both hands to massage the abdomen. Use your fingers to gently stroke you lower abdomen. You can also stand and bend your knees to the left, to enable you effectively massage the right side of the abdomen. While these are very useful tips on how to massage yourself, the best experience is obtained by vising an expert for more information and for a wonderful massage experience. Visit JJ-companion and you will have an amazing experience

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